Weekly Link Roundup

With all this beautiful snowy weather we’re getting here in the northeast U.S., it makes me wish I was just about anywhere else! That means you should doubly appreciate me sifting through the web finding these scuba-related links for you.

Is there a trend towards lighter weight diving gear to save on baggage costs? I don’t know about that, but at least one company seems to be getting on board.

A D.C.-based dive shop is offering carbon-neutral dive travel. It seems to me you could just as easily purchase the “offset” credits yourself, but the best of luck to them!

AOL News has some tips for cheap spring break travel. Some are decent, if not obvious. At my universities, though, school organized trips were quite more expensive that what I could wrangle on my own.

New England scuba divers found the remains of a 200 year old ship. It amazes me how many unfound wrecks are out there, in waters reachable by scuba. Looks like your chances of finding them go up if you’re willing to dive in Connecticut in January!