Three Month Anniversary

Our first post was January 1, so today celebrates three months that The Diving Blog has been active! New readers are arriving everyday, so if you haven't already, I encourage you to poke around the site's "older" articles. Here are a few of interest to get you started:

[Exposure Suit Guide][]
[What Makes Something Sink or Float?][] (this article has been pretty popular)
[How to Perform a Simple Buoyancy Check][]
[Improve Your Underwater Air Consumption][]
[10 Reasons to Start Diving Now][] (the blog's first article)


I was out of town for a few weeks and have finally gotten caught up on everything, so I can focus on the blog a little more. Besides the regular postings, I want to start working on the blog in other ways:

  • **Encourage more discussion.** Articles are a good starting point for discussion, so I'd like to get the readers more involved and learn their perspective on things.
  • **Twitter** looks like an excellent way to attract attention to the site and encourage discussion outside of The Diving Blog's domain.
  • **Newsletter.** I also want to start a newsletter to offer unique material that maybe doesn't warrant its own blog post.
  • **eBooks.** I have some ideas for eBooks I'd like to explore, from short pamphlets to actual book-length material.
  • **Site design tweaks.** There are always changes going on, and I'l continue to tweak the look and feel of the blog. ### Where do you fit in? As part of the previous, I'd like to get you, the reader, involved. What are you looking for? What kind of articles do you like? Dislike? Want to see more of? If you have any feedback or just want to say, "hello", feel free to leave it in the comments (posting is easy), or even [email me][]. Also, subscribe to the site by following the links on the top-right of the page. You can automatically get new articles in your RSS reader or even your email. Hope to see you around! [Exposure Suit Guide]: http:/ [What Makes Something Sink or Float?]: http:/ [How to Perform a Simple Buoyancy Check]: http:/ [Improve Your Underwater Air Consumption]: http:/ [10 Reasons to Start Diving Now]: http:/ [Update]: http:/ "update" [email me]: http:/