Emergency Assistance Plan (free template)

Probably the biggest source of confusion during a rescue diver course is the creation of an emergency assistance plan. Students aren’t sure how much or how little to include. They aren’t sure they did it right when it doesn’t take a long time. This article is meant to clear up these problems.

Emergency assistance plan
First of all, I’m going to say that creating an assistance action plan should not be a terribly difficult exercise, especially in the internet age. There are a few key components that should be included along with a few optional items. Finding this information these days should be a breeze. Before we get into what exactly to include, let’s discuss the purpose of an emergency assistance plan. This should illuminate exactly what is required to construct a complete plan.


The purpose of an assistance plan is simple: in the case of an emergency, an emergency assistance plan should assist an uninformed bystander in contacting emergency services and getting them to the location of the accident. Right away this should clue you in on what’s required. In fact, putting too much information will only slow things down during an emergency situation.

In general, there doesn’t have to be too much detail in an emergency plan. However, courses usually require plans for a specific dive site. This is probably an additional source of uncertainty. If in doubt, just ask your instructor how specific everything should be. Additionally, consult your textbook for any insights it may offer.1 Though it never hurts to put in too much information, at least for the sake of fulfilling a course requirement.

What’s in it?

Now we know what the overall purpose of the plan is, but what exactly do we put in it? This is what everyone wants to know. After considering the purpose, we can ask some questions to discover what should be in this elusive little document.

If a diving emergency was taking place around you, what information would you need to be of some assistance? Clearly, we need some sort of contact information for the local emergency services. In particular, we want scuba-related contacts. If your diving locale has an emergency hotline dedicated to scuba emergencies, include that as well as general emergency numbers.2 Look up the local Divers Alert Network (DAN) for their contact information.

This information (local EMS plus any scuba-related EMS) is the core of your emergency assistance plan. You can’t get away with less. There is, however, plenty more you could include for absolute completeness. What other information could be useful during an emergency?

Sometimes it may be faster to transport the injured yourself. For this reason, I like to include the location of the nearest hospital, possibly with a map or directions. A contact number for the emergency room is also good, to alert staff that you are on your way with an injured diver.

The location of nearby emergency equipment is also pertinent. This includes things like emergency oxygen and first aid kits. Often, EMS may take a while to arrive, costing your victim precious minutes. Being able to help in the meantime by administering oxygen or basic life support could be the difference between life and death. You may know where the oxygen tank is, but if you’re busy giving rescue breaths, you want someone else to be able to retrieve it.

Depending on where you are diving, the location of the nearest telephone may be useful. Imagine if a foreigner was responsible for contacting emergency services after an accident. They have your emergency assistance plan, but no local mobile phone. It could be when you handed them your plan you told them to use your phone, but if diving remotely this may not always be a possibility. It’s location-specific, and definitely something to think about, but not required.

My rescue instructor was fairly stringent and required that I include a script for someone to read when calling emergency services. The key parts of this script are your location (not just the dive site name, but where it actually is), and that this is a scuba diving related emergency. This bit of information could change the reaction of emergency services on the other end. For instance, they may realize that a decompression chamber is needed and avoid hospitals that aren’t equipped to handle decompression sickness, saving valuable time.

Another optional item is a map of your diving location that identifies all the important landmarks nearby, such as the emergency equipment, telephones, and even the hospital. This diagram of the dive site could be useful in an emergency, but is usually not required. If your instructor doesn’t request it, you can still include it for brownie points.


To save you some time, I created a free emergency assistance plan template. Fill out as much or as little as you (and your instructor) think is necessary, replacing the text inside the <brackets>. Delete the rest. Click the following links for the format of your choice:

iWork Pages
Word 2007 & 2008 (.docx extension)
Word 97 – 2004 (.doc extension)
Adobe PDF
Rich Text Format

My hope is that this article (and the templates) take some of the mystique out of creating an emergency assistance plan. This is something you’ll probably only have to do twice during all your training (for rescue diver and for divemaster), but it is good to know the thinking behind it’s construction and the overall purpose it serves.

Time to help me out. Is there anything critical I left out that should be in an emergency assistance plan? Let me know in the comments.

1. I can’t say for other agencies, but the PADI rescue diver manual is nearly useless for information about creating an emergency assistance plan.
2. Funny story. I did my rescue diver course in New Zealand. For my assistance plan, I wanted to include the telephone number for a local hospital. I found the hospital, looked the number up online, and put it in my plan. During the course, everyone except me noticed something wrong with the hospital’s number, +44 xxx-xxxx. Turns out the hospital was part of a UK conglomerate, and the number I found was for their main London hospital. Being a dumb American, I put the phone number with the UK country code for my New Zealand dive plan. Go me.

198 Responses to “Emergency Assistance Plan (free template)”

  1. Gary Slebzak Says:

    Hey thanks, good template, looks great and saved me the time of creating the format for my Rescue Diver Certs (okay not a monumental task but thanks none the less), I’m glad I decided to Google it. I concur with your assessment of the PADI Rescue Diver manual deficiencies on the topic, especially one that is involved in a certicifation requirement. I will share your efforts. Best regards!

  2. David Says:

    Glad it helped, Gary. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Don Says:

    Thanks for the nice template, it seems PADI give you a template for everything except the Emergency Action Plan.
    Yours has help, I was about to do the smae sorta thing but found yours, thanks heaps.

  4. David Says:

    Hi Don, I’m happy you found it useful. It still baffles me how confusing writing an EAP is, and the differences in requirements from different PADI instructors. I thought the point of PADI was to standardize?!

  5. Ronald Says:

    Hi David,
    Thanks, this is a very good starting point!
    Good idea to include a map. I will include a print out from Google Maps for my Divemaster course.
    Regards from the Netherlands,

  6. David Says:

    Hi Ronald,

    Thanks! It may not be required, but there’s certainly no harm in going above and beyond, possibly impressing your instructor.

  7. Claud Wojnowski Says:

    When did you find the data? I tried to get some extra details about it, but I wasn’t able to.

  8. Leana Says:

    Thank’s so much for developing the template… I thought it was just me not looking in the right place for an EAP but it is nice to know that I’m not the only one who found it a problem.
    Again thanks so much!


  9. Matt Robinson Says:

    God forbid an emergency ever happen with this EAP!

  10. David Says:

    Hi Matt,

    Thanks for the constructive criticism!

    Perhaps instead of wasting space on the internet, you could offer some suggestions on how to improve this EAP? A lot of people use this, so if there is something you feel would be pertinent in an emergency that is missing, why not help out your fellow man / woman?

  11. Sean Flynn Says:

    Many thanks for this, need to do one for my rescue diver course, been in the sea today doing part of it, 1 mtr visability, current, surf surge, great experience, nothing like the dvd, very remote and hard to find so direction details are so useful for whoever phones EMS

  12. Hilary Says:

    Thank you for providing this, David! It gave me some ideas and a place to start. However, I do think it could be improved as well (and maybe this was what Matt was referring to, albeit rather unhelpfully). The guidance that the Rescue Dive manual provides indicates that many EAP can also include:

    - The sequence of steps to follow that may be affected by the local environment
    - A list of emergency phone numbers (check)
    - A script for what to say with EMS (check)
    - The procedures for responding to, moving and transporting an injured diver out of the area to within reach of emergency medical care
    - Procedures for completing any required accident and incident reports

    I think these are helpful to include, although in an abbreviated manner. That way, it’s more of a “plan”, right? Just my two cents.

  13. Maggie Says:

    More information sometimes obscures the most important, urgently needed information – how to get in contact with emergency services & where to take someone if evacuation is required. If you have a lot of text about filling out incident reports and complex sequences to follow, people in a state of panic may not find what’s actually useful.

    When creating emergency response ‘cheat sheets’ the key is brevity & easy to find information. Get a hold of emergency services and have information about where to take someone if they tell you to. Anything else is clutter (unless you’re so remote that you won’t be reachable by Emergency Services – in those situations you may need additional books of procedures. But I don’t think that’s what we’re being asked for)

    (For reference, you may be confusing Assistance Plan and Action Plan – from a post on scuba-board, someone named Joe-Diver says:
    “December 3rd, 2007, 08:26 AM
    There are 2 plans. The Emergency Assistance Plan and the Emergency Action Plan.

    The Emergency Assistance Plan has basic contact information for the local area and locations of emergency supplies.

    The Emergency Action Plan has all of this, plus what to do and what to say during the emergency.

    Emergency Assistance Plan – pp43-44 PADI Rescue Diver Manual

    Emergency Action Plan – pp115-118 PADI Rescue Diver Manual

    For Rescue and Divemaster, you complete an Emergency Assistance Plan.
    PADI Instructor Manual, p 2.2, 1d, Rescue Diver
    PADI Instructor Manual, p 3-3 Divemaster”

  14. Maggie Says:

    Also, thanks for the template, I agree – it’s baffling that PADI hasn’t provided one (possibly for a charge ;))

  15. Shayx Says:

    Thanks for the good starting point David…… :-)

  16. The Diving Blog» Blog Archive » Emergency Assistance Plan Update (Call to Action) Says:

    [...] most popular post here on The Diving Blog is easily on writing an Emergency Assistance Plan. To date, this article, with the free templates, have helped hundreds of divers in one of the most [...]

  17. Lisa Says:

    Hey David,

    first of all I want to appreciate your effort and the time you put into this, thanks a lot!
    Concerning your EAP i’m sorry for having to agree with Matt, but this is definitely not enough.
    Its a very good start, and the idea of including a map is brilliant, I didn’t think about that in my plan, but what about the main concern of an EAP, namely the dive emergency?? now i’ve called EMS, i’ve found the first aid kit, but what do i do with it? especially in a diving-related incident, I think it’s very important to give people concrete directions on what to DO. this means, mention signs and symtoms of common dive accidents that they can be identified and how to treat them. I have created a flow-chart in my plan. Once the rescuer has identified what sort of emergency it is, he or she only has to follow arrows to be directed to doing the right thing, for example, having a diver with suspected DCI lie down and administer 100%o2 to a breathing patient. If he’s not breathing, apply BLS and CPR until EMS arrive. But the job is not done yet. You may have to arrange an evacuation. Include details for this as well. My plan ends with the step to provide psychological support for the rescuers if needed.
    Maybe this inspires you to extend your plan, and hopefully you find my criticism a bit more constructive than matt’s.
    Let’s hope none of us ever needs to use an EAP at all!!

    take and so long,

  18. Martin Ansell Says:

    Brilliant, thanks!
    Very clear and exactly what I needed.

  19. Mike Witchell Says:

    thanks for this arfticle. I’ve been fretting over this one about the sheer volume of data, almost going into a full health & safety risk assessment!

  20. Anupong Sophon Says:

    Thanks a lot man……it’s so great..

  21. Pologrl Says:

    Thank you so much for all the help! No one really told me how to set up the EAP! The template was awesome!!!! Dive on!

  22. Tim Says:

    This post is really interesting and has some great points. I especially liked reading about how important it is to have an emergency plan. There is actually an extremely helpful webinar that shares a few points with this post but goes a lot deeper into more issues on emergency preparation.

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