Electric Drysuit Insulation

The other day I harped on the pains of dry suit diving. One of my complaints was that after all that effort, you’re still not all that warm.

Diving Unlimited International (DUI) read my thoughts, but only a long time before I had them. They’re introducing a new line of electrically heated insulation for drysuit diving.

Initially I was a little frightened at the thought of electrical equipment—wires, batteries, etc.—strapped to my chest underwater; who knows how batteries respond to pressure. But I suppose this is what they’ve worked out in the lab and field testing.

If you’re interested to try it out before they unveil the new line later this year, go to the next DUI DOG Rally in Portland, CT, October 2-3. Notify them ahead of time and you might be able to try out one of them.

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